How to make ther Solar Panel Part

So you have to make a solar panel. Its surprisingly easy!

Although my goal with this site was for people to make solar pet housing, this method can seriously be used on your own home. In fact this is what it was designed for, but In my opinion, you should try it on a small scale first, to get the technique down, then the sky is the limit, or the source….. ( sorry bad joke)


Anyway  be proud to show off that you love solar, and even more proud that you made it yourself.


here is the link to make the solar panels.

Its from a company called Earth 4 Energy. They realy know what they are doing and im glad to be associated.
If everyon just made one solar panel for their home,think of what a difference that could make globally.

I currently live in Japan, about 1 hour out of Tokyo ( In Saitama for those who know Tokyo), and you can imagine how afraid we have been recently with the Nuclear Meltdown. Im definitely trying to switch as much of my power away from nuclear. And you can save a bunch by making your own panels, as well as saving on the power it takes to make Solar Panels!


Good Luck . Thanks for taking interest in the beauty and simplicity of solar power.

ill post some cool dog house plans soon. Can power a fan in summer for your pet, and a heater in winter. the possibilities are endless…..

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