Museum Simulator – PC – Oculus

This experience is designed to provoke thought in a non confrontational way about life and creation, and presented in the format of someone visiting the Adelaide Museum. The idea is that the user stands in the same location as where the experience starts and continues the journey in the on screen or in the virtual world.

It has the user traveling short distances to explore the museum. The scale of the place and the learning activities are accentuated, and designed for all ages.

I had voice actors and an in-game on-screen animation to explain the goal without having to be pre taught the interface, and made in a way that the user only has few options available at one time but it feels like the whole experience is open, so the experience ca be concluded in a timely manner but can be elongated if more time is available.

All texturing and lighting was done in house with some outsourced 3d modeling. the environment is an exact replica of the Adelaide museum.


About Daish

Founder and Creative Director of Ahimsa Creative.