This interactive 360 video environment was to facilitate a safe learning experience for occupation health and safety in what is traditionally a very dangerous environment.

Using video overlays the user can select occasions that the people are not complying with regulations and are given a score at the end. This is designed to be more informative than a test and the system is repeated over several days.

Using the Gear VR side touch pad gives the user a chance to pause the video and take their time choosing the mistakes.

I also used systems to clean up the video artifacts, correct distortion and gave them a fun pair of feet as the nadir to show then where the action would take place. I also added themed cut screens and logo animation to make the experience feel more professional and polished.

It is a good example of gamifying learning as the workers shared their results with each other in the goal of attaining a perfect score.

  • Gear VR Gaze Interface + 360 Video
  • Leap Motion Rehabilitation Interface
  • Museum Simulator - PC - Oculus
  • Cognitive Recall Interface
  • Gear VR - Dockyard Training 360 Video
  • HTC Vive - Adelaide City Library
  • HTC Vive / Gear VR - Dementia Garden Visualisation
  • Oculus - Basketball for limited movement individuals
  • Gear VR - Alpha Brain Wave Trainer