This is where people come to get good quality products, someone who will listen to them, and go on a journey to take their company, product or brand to the next level.

ACD has produced corporate and artistic web and graphic design consistently for over 10 years, and progressing with technology and peoples perception of brand relationship.

We do this by striving to totally understand our clients needs and desires and making that into real-world interactive platforms that convey the correct emotion and therefore develop effective relationships between businesses and their target markets.

Creative Project Management , budgeting and implementation small and large scale and budget advertising campaigns, Digital and Social Media campaigns, as well as analytics to ensure conversions. A firm understanding of current trends and how to style within a corporate branding structure.

Our online portfolio that more than speaks for itself with individuality and creativity, and an earnest approach to effectively using technology available at the time. We evolve with the available tools.


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Hi, my name is Daish Malani.

Ahimsa-Creative is a multi disciplinary design family that is on the cutting edge of new technologies to deliver the most interesting, captivating and original content.
Most of the work is done by me, but over the years have surrounded myself with the most innovative and creative people I can find, and often reach out to them to bring their particular skill to the party.

I am on the web and at every event and studying constantly, so that when someone asks me to get a task done, I can recommend a range between two options.

  • I get it done using the most efficient and cost effective method to get it done.
  • The most high-tech, immersive, incredible, outrageous and exciting ideas you have ever seen.

Im always trying to find a happy medium between the two. When quoting,I will give you a couple of options, and you can choose the best one for your business and your budget. I am a visionary and hope that you will adventure between those two points with me to create something epic.