Amazing Flying Action

This is such a beautiful flying game. I guess its been a while since i have researched flight simulators. i bet they will be absolutely amazing visually on the new PS4 and X-BoxOne, but the PCS still have the advantage for having awesomely realistic flight joysticks.

I have to get into the game a bit more before I can do a full review, but i have watched a couple of hours of gameplay and im very impressed at the realism of the gameplay as well as the pretty graphics… You decide. Its free to join up and start playing. its still in Beta version so your chance to try something before everyone does!

click here to join for free:

MMOBOMB version and review

Sidestrafe review/mission walkthrough

if you start playing, please leave your comments below, so other people can decide whether it is the right game for them.

PS, if you like old school war style games, try World of tanks, which is just as realistic but viewed from the ground and loads of realistic tanks

They have a forum:
This guy even made one of the planes