Amplify your Creativity

Adobe creative event
Today, May the 14th was the Adobe amplify your creativity event in Sydney, Australia. Here are my thoughts on it as it went down.
Adobe seems to be really pushing the integration of the mobile device as an everyday tool, which, is no longer considered a dumbed down version of the main app, but an essential part of the process. 

It’s quite amazing that diversity of new apps coming out that are part of the creative process. From storyboarding, to sound recording on the fly, you can easily see how Adobe has absorbed many other smaller companies with niche applications.

One particularly exciting addition, is that you can use the creative cloud for high end processing. For example, if you need to apply a filter to a large image, which Wijk be impossible on iPad, then you can send it to the cloud for processing and it send you back the processed image

I was very happy to see the onus shifted from technology to creativity, where many peoples speeches accentuated the importance of creativity and the importance of storytelling over anything else.
To many of us, Lightroom always seems like it was designed for mobile. Well now it is a fully functional iOS app, which for me makes much more sense in this format. The only thing we need now is iOS to run on higher end photographic devices.
Another main focus of the new apps, is creating color tables. Using photos or video, either live or pre saved, you can create color tables for design projects and also for video (also called a LUT). It’s all pretty dry stuff but essential to any successful project and unlike image capture, which is often not good enough on mobile, color palettes need to be mobile, and cloud synced , so your design team can all reference the same color theme simultaneously.
For those who like little animatics of their holidays, or need a simple parallax style presentation, Adobe slate will be your go. It’s actually quite a nice way to make a little storyboard. It’s not revolutionary, but nice that it’s built into the creative cloud as you can access all you online assets.  That’s basically the main reason people will drop their current apps for these same jobs, and move to the Adobe version. It will also homogenize the way we see projects delivered from now on.

Overall, I think the most significant changes for desktop apps were for video editing and production. Lots of very powerful tools from speed grade and prelude are woven into premiere pro. As I have been doing a lot of video work lately I was very excited by these. Unfortunately not a lot of new information about photoshop.
Another pants creamer for video peeps will be real time feedback for after fx. You no longer need to render video when you make changes. Even live compositing. It’s incredibly powerful and a major time saver. In face that’s the reason I stopped working mainly with video and 3d, is wasted time during rendering. Can’t wait until 3d gets the same, although there are many tools for that in.  3d too.
The new Adobe character animator that will be built into after effects is possibly the most mind blowing. I can see a lot of animators out of a job with this one. You can make any 2d character animations as long as you can use photoshop.And morph cuts will also change interviews forever. After fx and premiere have never been in a better place.  
There were a few image changes like haze reduction and mock ups that instantly export to your desktop versions of photoshop, Indesign and illustrator.Many of the tools were not integrated into any app yet, but were test versions, which will be integrated in the future. 
So that’s my round up. Hope that shows a little of what was on show.i will add links this after the fact.

Another important understanding

I think for many people, the final frontier will be, “can I publish from a mobile device?”. This blog post was written on the fly as I saw things at the conference, but even I was thinking that I need to upload the draft, fix the images and  get it moving. 

After seeing the upgrades to all the mobile apps and the future, I am dedicated to finishing and uploading this blog post on mobile, and I hope everyone else now understands that the mobile revolution is truly coming.