GAME – Puzzling adventure : Little Soldiers

Well I’ve done a blog post about my favorite puzzle games before, but there is a game I’ve been playing that is definitely worth a mention. The main reason this game really stands out is that it takes puzzling to a new level. This game is ridiculously hard, and usually i would pass over something of this difficulty, as i play games mainly for stress release, but if the difficulty is justified then i think it adds a maturity to the game that actually strengthens it, rather than some games that use difficulty as a cheap way of making the game last longer.

this game is called Little Soldiers. Its slow paced ( a train swap game as i like to call them, that doesn’t do anything if you have to suddenly do something (like changin trains or any other activity where you suddenly need to be active). This is a very important factor as you should play the type of game that suits your needs, notjust in-game but in the outside world.


Basically you have to get your men to the exit using the resources available. Usually you will need every tool presented to you in each level. It Uses the “8-bit cross section” approach where you can see the whole playing field regardless of where you are in the level. Each level is roughly the same size, and can be viewed in full on your screen. It works just as well on iPhone as it does on the iPad, but the iPad certainly has an edge when you view the whole area.

So all i can say is that the gameplay is such that you will never finish a level on the first try. You can undo an unlimited amount of times, as you sometimes realize an earlier mistake and it would be annoying and time killing to go back and start again, but sometimes that is easier as you might want to try a completely new tactic.

This game is so challenging that you need to think about 5moves ahead at all times to get your goal, and have a complete understanding of how every single tile works to get to the end, as there is certainly only one way to finish each puzzle.

i had this game on my phone but got sick of it, as I found it too hard, but re-installed at a year later and played it through. I was very happy that I did, and replaying the stages i had played before solidified my understanding of the game and prepared me for the later stages.

Like “Trainyard”, which is still my favorite game for iPhone, its a game you may take weeks on a level and kick yourself when you finally work it out. The only gripe i have is that they should have doubled the amount of levels and introduced more advanced techniques at a slower rate.

Give it a go.