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So as a long term jailbreak user, (since ios4.2 limera1n and greenpOison and later redsn0w) it has been a hard year (but not necessarily a bad one) just having to use a regular non-jailbroken device as you get used to all the fabulous UI (user interface) tweaks that make having Cydia and the jailbreak hacks worthwhile on your device. While being able to “try before you buy” apps on your device is handy (especially if they are really expensive and there are many alternatives) its not the main reason for me to do so. If you just install the UI tweaks (my favorite listed below) you will not be at the mercy of pirated apps from the dodgy app stores and your device will stay secure.

Some of you may have read my review on the previous evad3rs jailbreak called evasi0n – here which i have been using for ages on my iOS 5 iPad and its rock solid (i have another older iPad which is my experimentation ground)

So….. I plan to get my interface back to a more functional level. My Phone used to have so many pirated apps that it was impossible for me to upgrade to the newest iOS . While that was good in a way, as I believe its better to wait as long as possible before updating an iOS, and this teaches you patience and wariness for updating just for the sake of it, it does mean you miss out on truly understanding some of the new key features. As I myself am working on a game to be released on the app store, I want to make sure at least one of my iPads has the latest iOS

If you have purchased Cydia interface upgrades, they will still be available to you in iOS7. Some may no longer be compatible, but the interface upgrades are the ones which get updated first, so you will generally be fine.

As with all jailbreaks. I hope everyone understand the reason for a jailbreak device. You own it. Its yours. You can do whatever you want with it. Don’t be fooled into the government or corporations telling you otherwise. Its your choice to modify anything you own to make it however you want. On the flipside to this, and something we are all learning is that value/currency/payment is a system that is rapidly changing, and the idea of money will too. Until that point the people that make music, software, games etc are still using it. You vote with your dollar, so support the people and companies that you want to survive. Vote with your dollar and pay for the apps that you use. They will appreciate it , and keep making great apps and things that you obviously like. (or you wouldn’t be using it)

soon you can have an iPad that works like this.

The jailbreak iOS 7 news

While Jay Freeman (Saurik) has warned about any early jailbreaks, as he still hadn’t found a stable version of mobile substrate to run on the 64-bit systems, by using the activator install (which allows a whole bunch of new hand swipe gestures onto your device. Evad3rs had partnered up with the dubious Chinese TaiG app store, which has now been severed, thankfully and your jailbreak devices will be safer for it.

its now 2 weeks since i heard that news, and the system seems to be totally stable. I would keep your ears out for any update to mobile substrate as essentially its the gateway to your device and how it interacts with all the jailbreak upgrades. If all this confuses you then dotn get too concerned. the NSA is basically watching you anyway, so I dont see how a little less privacy is going to hurt.

One things we need to be aware of these days is that your iCoud keychain is probably the most important thing on your iPad or iPhone and that will allow someone access to your credit card numbers and other passwords, although apple themselves have also been know to lose a few number now and then. The moral of the story here is, play safe and I would still recommend using a 3rd party password holder like 1password.

How to jailbreak your iOS 7 device

So here is how to actually do it. Its super simple and i have to say evad3rs once again made the easiest JB ever. Much easier than some i have done that take hours. While this takes a while, it’s so easy, you just need to unlock your phone in the middle of the process, so make a cup of tea and read a book (or my blog) while you do it. You should also be sure to disable your 4 digit passcode before you do. Be careful when you do this as you do NOT want it to delete your saved iCloud Keychain passwords. Just click “keep”.

So download from here or go to the main website listed below: DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE there are loads of scams on the internet that get you to install bogus apps. most are harmless and they are just making money out of you downloading apps for them, but some may damage your install and you may lose a bunch of data. Oh and if you can, please backup your device.

Just run the software with your iPad attached to your computer. Thats it. brilliant!

Mac OS

[button link="https://evad3rs.box.com/s/q4xydmi2qzgqdhqr35i0" target="blank" size="small"]click here for Mac OS iOS7.x evasi0n jailbreak[/button]


[button link="https://evad3rs.box.com/s/hzapsnk73mbrs770z50y" target="blank" size="small"]click here for PC iOS7.x evasi0n jailbreak[/button]

or get it from their website – http://evasi0n.com/

you can find out more on their twitter page- https://twitter.com/evad3rs

Heres what it looks like on the iPad once Cydia is installed. Just click on it.

The essential iOS UI upgrades (according to me!)

Activator – Allows any new swipe and tape gestures to open apps, change setting and generally save a bunch of time for things you do often

I used to use hold home button to enable and disable my wifi but now Siri has taken that function i recommend. It actually quote easy to activate and de-activate the wifi now (apple copied the jailbreak activator(with SB settings – see below) design to make their new “control center” so thats no major problem. one handy shortcut I use “double tap the time” for my calendar as that makes more sense. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

Infinidock – allows an infinitely scrollable dock, as well as extra icons (or folders) . I recommend 9 icons for an iPad “otherwise it gets too squishy in portrait mode., you can have another 9 just waiting off the the side. This is by far the best jailbreak app i have ever used. Put folders in here to have almost every app you have accessible in 2 taps. Note: you cant make folders while an app is in the dock. take it out, combine them then bring the folder back into the dock.

Infiniboard – vertically scroll your icons, which helps keep them in more defined groups. Please note: As the new search screen is a pull down menu, if you do make your icon vertical scrolls very long, it will not be very convenient to go back to the top and scroll to the search function. Also of all these tweaks, it seems the most incompatible with iOS67 in the sense that they were designed for different purposes.

Iconoclasm – allows you to add rows of icons on one screen, can be combined with “shrink” to make them smaller. I recommend 5×5

This will also make a big mess.

When you install iconoclasm and infiniboard, be prepared for all your icons to be taken out of their folders and you will need to rearrange all of them. Make sure to do screen-grabs of your screens before installing this upgrade as its a pain in the ass to remember where everything was. Hours of fun getting that all perfect again (maybe) but worth it in the end ( definitely). You will get a warning from iOS7 telling you that it has adjusted your layout to prevent errors.

My solution to the big mess… AHIMSA CREATIVE SUPER TIP!!! Put 9 folders in your infini-dock (or 18 on two screens) to do a simple cleanup of your icons into categories. makes it really easy to put all icons in a group on their own page later. Also its much easier to make folders while in the top row! (as icons often try to slide up, but in this circumstance they are stuck there)

Barrel – make the transition from screen to screen more fun. make it a cube, swirly thing (some are annoying) subtle is good. different is good.

Zeppelin – not functional per-se, just changes your carrier logo to zelda, or batman, or anything better than what it was. I use zelda. Zelda is awesome. its totally free. and awesome. did i say it was awesome?

and this tip

In this picture you can see all 6 activated on my iPad

Note: How to respring? - this is a necessary function that you need to do if iconoclasm or any other crash, or get disabled. without SB settings you dont have an easily available button anymore, so try this in activator – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz7Jq-ytwO0

Where to get these

I purchased all of these through Cydia (yes hackers eat food too!) . All in all for them i paid about 10 bucks. They are easy to get for free- so why?, well i dont have to add any sources to my phone (which is also easy but I dont want to , and im happy to support the jailbreak community, as they are providing us with a freedom that we would surely miss. It also means i never have to back these apps up as they will forever be installed in any Cydia installation i do in the future. This will give you the cleanest and most reliable jailbreak installation without any add-ons. Note: every app you re-install will make you restart your springboard, and essentially reboot the OS. You will have to put your password in every time, which gets tedious but its only say an hour of your life.

apps you CANT use in iOS 7

Folderenhancer – add custome background textures to folders plus add infinite scrolling in folders.

Display out – allows you output the display from your iPad to your tv, although i dont have a connector with a lightning port to hdmi anyway.

Multiflow – im sad about htis as it was the bbest multitasking app on iOS by far… makes all available apps open on screen simutaneously, like expose on your mac. cantr wait until the update this as i hate the iOS multitasking ( whcih doesnt even have “close all’ or “free up memory”. it has not worked since iOS 6, so we may be waiting a long time for this one.

RetinaPad – while this was a true saviour on my old iPad, by automatically (WTF!) upgrading all iPhone games to iPad resolution, amazing!! Anyway since the retina revolution, almost all apps have retina quality now so its no longer needed.

infinifolders – like infiniboard for inside folders… unfortunately we will have to live with the silly 9 item folders for the moment. Also allows folders in folders.

SB settings – while the new apple iOS7 has a pretty nifty “control center” – this still takes the cake because you can make it active any way you want (using activator) and also “free up memory” whihc is very handy. anyway. DO NOT install this as it will kill all your other jailbreak devices ( i tried it and it was true). There is a workaround (see below if you are impatient)

Taking it further

If you do want to take your phone further, you can add sources. there are many things that are available outside of just stealing apps, so for the hgh end users, you may want to give it a go ( and its fun pushing your phone/ipad to its limits, breaking it and starting again, if thats your thing. -

How to add a repo – http://www.ijailbreak.com/cydia/how-to-add-a-cydia-repository/

Top repos for 2014 ( not guaranteeing anything as i haven’t used them) – http://www.cydiarepo.com/257/top-cydia-sources-repos-for-ios-7/

Get activator and SB settings ( I would wait until the update) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i1ZmIySya8

Repos are nto dangerous by adding, its what you can do with the software that can be dangerous. If you cant understand what you are doing you are probably not the kind of person that should be doing it. i know that goes against just about everything Einstein said, but he never jailbroke an iPhone, that i can be sure of.

If you every get stuck and your iDevice you can do a hard reboot bu holding the sleep and power buttons for 5-10 seconds until the screen goes balck. then hold the power button for 3-5 seconds. should get back to a workable state.

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Why not to use third party versions of mobilesubstrate:

and the partership of evad3rs and the dubious chinese TaiG app@ store has now been severed, thankfully and your jaiolbreak devices will be safer for it