Besides all the design and marketing done at Ahimsa Creative, there is a huge amount of research and development going into Virtual Reality and the associated immersive medias.

Special attention has to be taken in to consideration when using VR, as the usr is semi-incapacitated. Transition, Comfort, and a simplified User interface  all make for a premium User experience. Only with experience can someone design for such a complicated and psychologically challenging environment.

There are many aspects of VR, and all have their uses. I plan to focus on experiences that relax, educate and surprise the viewer in a positive way. I feel that the potential is unlimited and it has the chance, like other medias have in the past to bring the people in the world closer together.

VR is an empathy generator, you can can feel like it is to actually BE in a situation. I think it is fascinating for someone to not only look at a screen with an environment but be immersed in the environment. Later on other senses will be involved, and i’m sure brain scan technology will become a huge part of it, where you will just think of an action and it will be done.

I welcome the day when a child in one country can play with a child in another and learn first hand from each other about their lives.
Stepping stones to that will be a lot of immersive projects of various forms, from Real Estate to training in dangerous environments, education and relaxation simulation, as well as my main project which is Stroke rehabilitation.  Im not willing to say one use of VR is better than the other. Only time will tell its true potential.

See the VR interface portfolio or some examples below.


Click here to see graphic design portfolios. Below – Some recent work. VR Rehabilitation experience using Oculus and Leap Motion: