WEB : 2 on 1 Coaching

This site was made in mid 2012 so is a perfect example of how I would present a site these days. Using all the latest verified class compliant code that are cross browser compatible, I managed to put an extremely interactive and fun experience into a fairly simple interface. the user never leaves the main interface unless reading documents , and in fact the whole site is coded in one page, with divs animating to come on screen when required.This eliminates any flickering and downloading of interface images after the first load._

This is a website for business management coaching for leaders in the business world wanted to further improve their game. It represents high class professionals, and is also aimed at high class professionals and corporations, so it must be slick, convey information clearly in a business like manner, and work on a variety of machines, as it would be viewed in many offices in Tokyo and around the world. The information areas mimic a Microsoft Word document with a simple scroll bar and large buttons, as once they have seen the fancy introduction they will just be looking for information in the shortest time possible.

I managed to create an almost Flash looking interface with jQuery and HTML so it is also possible to use on an iPad if necessary. A fun experience to make a design sitting nicely in the middle of the world of creativity and professionalism.

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