WEB: Nourah

This website was made for one of My favorite dancers in Tokyo, somewhere around 2008,
so also during the period when flash was still my website tool of choice. It was also before
the wordpress and CMS driven site explosion, so designers had to make other ways to
make it easy for their customers to update their website without breaking the functionality
of the site.
I came up with this idea, that the left side of the page is flash and the right side is basic
html and they fit together seamlessly. The end result is a functional but elegant feeling.
Of course when you change page may see the flash load separately for a slight moment,
but due to bandwidth restrictions at the time it would be too much strain to have an image
fallback behind it.

It was the type of design that when you make it , you think it will be the solution to all your
future needs, but of course technology is always changing so much that there is always a
new solution around the corner, and I am the kind of person that likes to be one of the front

These days, constant change is the key to a successful website. Back in the day it was
fine to make a site and let it sit for years, but I was always against that idea. This is an
example of how I fixed that problem before i had the skills to integrate backend systems,
and basically all of the sites I have done in the past couple of years have always been at
least partly based on a wordpress cms, using their secure login system to make part or all
of the site updateable without the fear of them breaking the interface design.

Design wise, It was a great project as the main visual goal was to represent the many
facets of her dancing, shown in the peacefully changing animation on the left, and using
ornate elements to give the site a soft beautiful feeling, with cool colors offset with little
bursts of warmth and simple interactivity. I also built into the corner a place to join her
online newsletter, another tool that would prove popular over the years, and in my
experience the most effective way of getting new subscribers.

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