ANIM: Clestra

This flash animation was created to Celebrate the French Glass company Groupe Clestra Hauserman’s 20th anniversary in Tokyo. A link was send in an email, which linked to this page, and at the end a link appears to the PDF invite. I used a timeline style animation that had a nice feeling of progress and movement to represent their spread around the world and the new products introduced along the way.

(this example is an HTML5 conversion of the original flash, so take a little longer to load on some networks)

Its requirements were to be fresh,clean, portray the growth of the company, and not too long, but get people excited aout their upcoming party and exhibition, to send to their clients. The animation needed to be able to see on many browsers, as it was linked to by an email, and had to stream well on many computer systems, as it would be viewed on all kinds of office computers.

Over the years, I had worked on CG designs for Clestra, the french glass company, and so with this project i understood the style and integrity of he company quite well and the slick way in which they present ther designs. Working not alone on this project, but with Jordan Perryman, the same designer I worked with on the CG works, we came up with the concept of the timeline to show Clestra’s achievements over the years (before Facebook got into the timeline i must add).