CD: Drumspyder

This cd, also for Dakini Records offered me a new perspective and also a lot of freedom in my design. There was actually a design made in America, which was rejected, so I had an idea of what it shouldn’t look like and I already know the style that Dakini has, and having designed the website knew the direction it’s style was moving in.

Out of all the design work i do, its easy to tell that i love multi-layered rich tapestries of layers and colors, and this kind of work allows me more freedom than most to display my skills in this area.

Working with the label owner closely, we got to make some decisions together about not only the design, but what kind of packaging would be used, materials, everything. So the design evolved as we made those decisions and became something that worked really well. Of course both of us had some dreams and ideas that sounded fantastic, but also budget was a serious issue. In these days of digital piracy, mp3’s and general global financial downturn, the music industry has been severely affected, at least as intensely as its rise to prominence after the cd music market started. The being said you can still make great design, but maybe decide against interesting but superfluous options like embossing, foiling, branding, die cutting etc.

We did splash out on the third fold, making the cd case have a nice panorama design inside where I could let my design go wild. I decided to use something quite textural, which almost whirled into a vortex, reminiscent of a dervish dance.

Being predominantly an album of darabuka based music (with fast paced drumming by Scott, aka Drumspyder) the flavor was bellydance fusion eastern rhythms, and I tried to capture that spirit in the imagery. The back cover has a woman dancing in the background, which I blended to feel more like a faerie or an imagination or dream of a woman.

We used an environmentally friendly pack, with no plastic tray for the packaging. As I am fascinated with depth and optical illusion, I showed a warped version of the CD design, printed on the paper in front of it. There is a small notch cut out of it where the cd is exposed, where you can match the CD with the image by rotating it. Probably not a good CD to give an obsessive compulsive person, or me for that matter, as I’ve always loved packaging like that. I also used a similar technique on the following Makyo CD, but in a different way, which I’ll explain on that page in the portfolio.

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