CD: Makyo

The Mayko CD was the third CD I had designed for Dakini Records, after the initial web design I did back in 2007. I was particularly interesting for a couple of reasons. Makyo music is what brought me to connect with Dakini in the first place, and I met Gio (Makyo) when I first came to Japan as he was doing the music most similar to my tastes. The second being that there had been no Makyo releases for a while and as a bonus, Makyo had morphed into a band.

As a lot of music artists are finding it more difficult to survive, and my belief that soon CDs
will start to phase out, the cd art will also start to go. It also means that they will start to
release digitally. It’s a cycle that downsized the whole music industry, and it comes with a
sting to all involved, but it’s all in the name of progress. Things always change. You, the
reader of this is sitting somewhere far away and enjoying my portfolio pics (I hope!).
Without the Internet we could not have this kind of interaction, you can see my design
work, and even drop me a line to say hello on the home page and initiate a deeper level of
communication. It really quite incredible.

So now more than ever the live element of music is moving back into fashion and I’m glad
Makyo was one that survived. They decided to release an album and asked me to do the

Once again we sat down many times together and worked side by side on the design. As
the photo was already decided, that gave us a solid starting point. The final design of this
was fairly simple, but I tried many different designs to get it right. Also as the man coloring
was sepia, a huge amount of attention was put into getting the color right. If sepia swings
too far to the yellow it can look like everyone has some form of disease. Danger colors like
these are stressful, especially when printing overseas where getting proof copies is costly
financially and time wise.

So using a more traditional cover, with one fold and a glued plastic tray, which many of the
dakini cds are, this was the result. A new mood presented as the music had also set a new

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