CG: Various

These images were done for actual interior architecture and design jobs in Tokyo, so realism was the most important outcome. We needed to get the best match with color samples and textures, often scanning in materials to use, so the clients could experience the space before spending the money to renovate.

Building placement and window lighting was required to also complete this job. Working closely with the designer, Jordan Perryman, who would model most of the main space, I would create textures and lighting to most simulate the final products , then composite many renders as well as hand painting many details in Photoshop later to make them even more believable.


Since I was a teenager, I had a thorough and complete fascination with 3D and animation. I had always loved animation and watched cartoons religiously as a kid, but when 3D technology became more mainstream, I followed along.

I started to dabble in 3D in the mid 90’s, emulating flying logos I saw on tv as soft body animation was not available. While studying Graphic Design in College, I specialized in 3D modeling and animation which I loved. I went on to make some TV commercials and even in Bollywood making titles and atmospheric effects, like bubbles, fire for movies.

I then furthered my knowledge by studying Maya at the Silicon Graphics Center in Sydney, where we not only learnt the newest techniques, but studied the fundamentals of animation, color theory, storyboarding, and more traditional techniques, which are essential for good storytelling.

I learned that lighting and texture, and camera positioning are the most important elements of creating a realistic and interesting scene.