PROJ : Ahimsa



I have been designing for a long time.I actually designed my first website before id even used the internet itself ( as a college subject using html when it was first widely used, and way before email was a mainstream item ). Once i started using it, i realised i had to have a web site to show off the things i had been making. Of course now i look back and cringe at my older designs, and some have been lost to clicky zip drives (remember them?) or just lost in the void, or are no longer compatible with current computer operating systems.

Anyway…. ive made lots of portfolio sites over the years. As im usually busy with other peoples design, it takes a while for me to make a new one. Of course the newsest one you are seeing now. My previous one is below and there are pictures of my other sites at the bottom of this page. As I have been djing for almost 10 years, I also have had many music sites. I will include them in there too as they are often linked.


This is my previous portfolio. Made in Flash, so it has a wonderfully interactive feel. Clicking on a thumbnail will popup a zoomed and colored version of the design, which can be navigated through the works without returning to the main screen. A fun interactive way to show my design works. ( this is a little hampered on this screen as its designed for a regular laptop size at least. will resize to any screen size. please see the fullscreen option)

I greyed and dirtied up the images for the main portfolio view to make it a more serene experience.
I just love playing with it and wish flash was still the main web technology, but as it is unsupported by iPads and iPhones, and they fact that it does not respond to touch screen technology made it obsolete due to the fact that reaching a wider audience is more important than fancy technology sometimes.

Click to see fullscreen

Here is a splash screen that i used as the entry to my site for more than 7 years. yes it embarrassing that i didnt update it.. but it made me happy that it stayed the same. It even has a counter! that is very 1999!

As a web designer, you rarely get enough time to work on your own sites. Being so involved in the progress of the internet and its technologies, I think web designers often break the rules on their own sites. This was my one little bit of fun.It even has an animated GIF. Another popular web technology from the past. Now my portfolio is iPad ready, ill have to retiere this little flash welcome animation.( it has sound so please beware if you have your volume up)

Click to see 2007 fancy turntable Flash DJ site

Click to see nostalgic Ahimsa Splash screen