GRA: Burning Desire

This logo was for an event i created in Tokyo that was designed to showcase tribal, deep
electronic music, mixed with bellydance, exotic styles and generally a more exciting night
out for all. I wanted the logo to be recognizable, obvious (with the letters very boldly
showcased) and covey the style of feeling it represented.

At the time it was an event,themed like my other Sri Durga event, but I planned (and still plan) to make it into a record label at some point, so it needed a quality that suited that application also.

Burning desire, by nature means an insatiable desire for something you simply must have.
It also symbolizes the destruction of the same desire by fire, our most destructive
elemental force. The meaning and intensity of the imagery it conjures inside your mind
was what I wanted to represent the event and music releases.

Apart from the main logo design, I made a variation with the pine forest scene, in slick grey
as part of the “future sound” series, converting the fire into not a feared lone force, but a
respite from the cold, a safe place to turn to using the same logo and twisting the
emotional response it brings.