GRA: Bellydancer BCard


These cards are designed for Tokyo bellydancers, friends which i often dj events for, so I
know their style and worked closely with them to make something they can be proud of to
give to people that represents them accurately.

To keep the cards more modest looking but elegant, just regular coated and uncoated
papers were used. Im certainly not against fancy cards with UV coating and embossing,
but for these performers I thought this style would work well.

Linking the spiritual aspect of this style of dance with the fun performance energy, I added
flavor with small flourishes. I asked each dancer to send me an image or tell me a style
and mood and I created the design from there.

Even though there is such a small space on a card you can really personalize them. I also
designed them in opposing impositions. Vertical one side, horizontal the other. I like this
style and it also means you can display your card either way.

Getting the photos to have a vibrant glowing feeling is the most important factor for these
cards, and i take special care to prepare the photos for the appropriate printer and printing