PROJ: Randstad

This design job was part of a bigger design project, involving the relocation and redesign of their office, and some promotional material produced, which then expanded into other printed and administrative material, as well as form driven PDF letterheads.

These folders, designed for the international recruiting agency, Randstad, were an interesting job. With this kind of company, there are such strict guidelines of design and when designing for a client like this, they demand such a high level of quality.It was more of an exercise in getting things perfect than being creative, well at least in the design area. I had to be creative to get it all right as they did not provide fonts and measurements, so i had to painstakingly measure and map each item to get the proportions right to match their style guides.


I managed to source a very high quality paper for this job and make sure i could get it finished in the right way to produce the highest level product available. My printing company had to import the paper for this job, and with a polyurethane coating we made a spectacular product that exceeded their expectations.


I also had to make matching bags to go with the folders, which were manufactured out of the same quality paper and custom handles.


In the end, everything looked perfect and matched their color and quality guidelines, as well as sourcing materials and organizing manufacture, while keeping within budget constraints and timelines. Every designer should have to do a job like this now and then. It was more of a project management exercise than a design one… but I also had to do all the design.