IMG: Skinni Pants

During 2010 to 2011, I worked at the Skinni Pants studio in Central Tokyo. Skinni Pants is multi faceted design studio, but focussed at that time on interesting custom made t-shirt prints in small runs. I, working side by side with Skinni Pants founder, Carlos Gibbs, came up with all sorts of designs for Tshirts, flyers, events, swimming apparel, sunglasses and more. now based in Shanghai, we continue to work on side projects together.

This work was particularly interesting, as it allowed me to design in a different way to my usual multi-layered photoshop approach, and make more minimal, slick styled designs that could be printed onto fabric or other material as well as cut using a plotter for multi-layered effects.

A side project was the teaming up of Skinni Pants and Ahimsa Creative to design and Project manage the decor and installation of Large scale artworks for the Outdoor Music Festival Rainbow Disco Club in Tokyo.

A large proportion of the banners from those events were recycled into bags and clothing which were sold at following events, maing a nice cycle of creation, nostalgia, fashion, art and environmental awareness.

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