IMG: Little creatures

I designed these little characters after being inspired by an online game called “glitch”.
While they are not exactly the same style as the game, it once again renewed my passion
for the beauty of the fantastic and excitement of mythical beings, and also my desire to be
part of the creative process of developing concept art for such creative industry.They are all just free form concept sketches, each with a certain role, mainly as guardians of sorts.

Over the years ive always been fascinated by game art. One earliest memory for me is the Monkey Island series, which, besides being the most hilarious games out there (I’m a puzzle adventure fan) they always had interesting hand painted scenes (digitally i mean) with random artifacts that really gave the game mood and consistency with your image of that environment. Hats off to all the background painters in the game industry, the unsung heroes of many popular coputer game titles.

As i used to study animation, and have worked as an animator, i know how much work goes into a scene, Well painted backgrounds can really bring it alive without stressing out the computer processor by rendering geometry unimportant to the story.The same can be said for facial features, clothing adornments, and non moving parts of anatomy on characters.

These were also the product of the iPad. I used that application “Procreate” to draw them.
It is a revolutionary tool for those who like to sketch and with understanding of simple layer
blending effects (a la photoshop). I have tried a bunch of apps, all of which have their
advantages, but this one is certainly my favorite so far. (of course I have a bunch of
improvements in mind too) – I plan to review this application on my blog some time soon.

Anyway they are just a fun little collection of objects and beings (or both) that I made and
I’m sure I’ll continue to make more when I have some time. Im excited to have a whole art
rooms worth of paints and other mediums at my disposal for the long train ride home from