Sri Durga Mailer

FLYERS: various

Although many of my other design skills are considered more sought after and prestigious, I still feel that the everyday flyer is where i really shine.

It is a culmination of everything i love about life. Art, music, design and self expression and the building blocks of events and flyers are the gateway to that soul.

In the design world, its more like a sprint than a marathon, spitting out some fantastical multi layered photoshop creation that will represent someones vision for an event in a fast time frame to make sure they have enough time to promote their event.

I use a combination of Photoshop ,Illustrator and inDesign for my flyers. They all have great uses, and I used to do my text in illustrator and add text boxes with transparency to finish off the design. Now i use illustrator for making posterized elements and texture and i feel that inDesign has a better set of text tools to really polish off the job.

Im not going to waffle on about them any more. My flyers speak for themselves.

Sri Durga is an event that I organize, which showcases Indian culture through music and dance. The advantage of designing the flyer for my own events is huge, asI can represent it in the best way by understanding the look and feel i want for each event. All things said, the main reason is that I could keep a strong identity for the event by keeping similar elements in all flyers, creating the equivalent of a brand identity as strong as any logo.

These flyers are all created in Photoshop, with up to 50 layers of imagery for the first ones, and flattened layers for the subsequent designs.

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