PROJ: EU Calendars

These calendars, designed for a tender for the European Union in Tokyo, were to show the growing connections between the EU and Japan, in business and socially. They had to be friendly and politically neutral, but convey a nice message of peace and understanding, with undertones of financial co-operation and prosperity.

We got a Tokyo illustrator to make the images for the calendar, and he made very peaceful and lovely feeling happy images to suit the style. I designed the calendar with fairly neutral tones to make the images stand out, while providing a functional calendar, big enough to write small notes on if necessary.

This was part of a massive proposal for all printed material for the EU department in Tokyo. Most of my job was budgeting every possible item that we may need to produce, and finding the best price and shuffling the budget to make sure we could produce what was needed at the right time within cost restraints.

Constructed in illustrator for flexibility as well as being able to provide color swatch samples to ensure color quality and consistency.