WEB: Mishaal

This is the website of the bellydancer, and founder of Devadasi Studio in Tokyo. This website was to showcase her work over the years, her history with dance and her spiritual connection with dance.

I made this site in flash as it needed to be very content rich, as well as have the feeling of layers of texture and an exploratory element to it, as if entering a cave with her personal effects inside for you to peruse and find out more about her.

There are so many functions in this site, like being able to change the music, backgrounds, content viewers, a video player, animated contact form and xml loaded text areas ( an old form of CMS ) but unfortunately the introduction of the ipad and ios devices that dont support Flash make it impossible to make such content rich sites, which is shame as this site really shows the best of what the web could do at the time.

See Mishaal’s Site