WEB: Bongo II

This was a fairly unique job, being an interactive website for an onigiri restaurant, the little rice triangles covered with seaweed. Designed using the seaweed sheets themselves and old wood to recreate the feel of making onigiri, with little onigiri buttons.

We had to do each part of this job. Not only the design and construction, but all the photography, and from that i made a flash application that showcased the menu by changing photograph as you mouse over the title.

This site also had a video player for watching a TV clip featuring the restaurant and a magazine area, where you could read the magazines featuring articles about the restaurant.

All in all a very successful project that while being extremely content rich, kept a very simple interface and traditional feeling.The interface is visible at all times, wiht the central area being replaced with current content so as to keep the viewer grounded in one place when using the site.