WEB : Airnet Japan


This website was a revamp of an old site. It was an interesting job, as i basically wanted to make it completely changed, but be as unobtrusive as possible, due to the fact that the site was connected to an online database which allowed it to get current flight prices.

I replaced the top part of the site with a rotating flash banner, which showcased their main destinations, and also retouched the whole site. I used CSS to restyle the whole site, so all the editing was classing the text and images. As the site had been built quite a long time previously, the code was a little fragile, and I really didn’t want to break the database coding. So i snuck in and classed each area of the site and then changed the design globally to change all the pages simultaneously. Although this technique was not new at the time, it was still a fairly new concept and an interesting task to do to a site which was previously hand coded.

One other aspect was that you cannot take down a site like this, or go offline and work on it, so it had to be done stealthily, where i made pages with elements and worked on them before applying site wide changes to the live site, allowing only minutes to fix any problems.

In the end it was a completely new look without structurally changing the site so much at all. An interesting experience and a new taste of design.

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