WEB: Atelier 909

Its always nice to make a website for someone making art too, whether it be art in the form of music, dance or more traditional mediums.

This website is made for a glass artist, in particular a stained glass artist. i hadn’t been around a lot of glass art like this for some time when the job came along, and we had some fun coming up with concepts to make it work. Long before CMS style websites came along, the whole idea of this website came from the analogy ( or similie.. i forget) or ideas in a folder and a sub- concept coming from that.

After lots of talking to understand how the pieces were related, I made a “breadcrumb” ( which are now all the rage by the way) kind of menu so you could move forward or backward in any section by clicking a link in the top menu. Almost half of the websites you see these days have it, but generated dynamically. I had to code every combination in hard code. Fun

A splash of Flash and a simulated 3rd dimension with layers and this is what it is.

See Atelier 909 Site