This is the website of the innovative Art Director and marketing concept guru Carl Van
Wijk. It showcases his work in various mediums, from television advertising to poster

The main goal of this site was to show his work in a simple format, while making it fun and
interesting at the same time. The main design was a photo of some trash bins in a street in
Tokyo, a place where we both were residing at the time. A place where simple objects
seem to come to life an the design reflects this. Its also a reference to his Tokyo Trash
project which can be found by experimenting with the buttons on the vending machine.
Also a Japanese icon.

The general concept came from Carl, and over a couple of meetings (and beers), we sat
down and I designed a way to best show that idea off,making an interactive vending
machine that takes you to the main 3 areas of work he has done (using the 3 rows of
drinks) and other links to his CV etc through the other buttons.

Click here to see CVW Site

One clicked, you can navigate through each section without coming back to the main
screen unless you want to switch categories. This makes it a pretty seamless flow of his
work as most people would focus on one area. As Flash was on its way out at this point, all
the images and videos are shown in the increasingly popular floating gallery prettyView
( aka lightRoom ) where it darkens the background and floats in front, so you need not
leave that space to view it.

The viewer above shows all the levels of the site. Its a good example of how the internet
was leaving the complexity and confusion of multi-layered non-linear exploratory design for
a more elegant simple form of design which has been becoming in creasingly popular to
this day ( designed in 2010- now 2012 )