WEB : CW Ottaway


This website was a website remake of a company I had made the website for quite a few
years before, when I was still upcoming in my web design career. They had just recently
had their logo redesigned and were looking for a much higher level modern looking site.
Their customer base was almost all home computer users, mainly due to the high price of
quality jewelry ( something rarely bought on a hand held device, although this perception is

I was excited as i had been playing around with a very fancy new bunch of
Flash code and it presented the perfect opportunity to really make the most of it.
Ive said it before and ill say it again, Flash really revolutionized the web in ways other
coding styles cannot. Just use this website and you can see what the web has to offer, and
this is not even utilizing such intense forms of interaction as mouse gesturing or any
database functions.

See Ottaways Site

My aim, as well as theirs was to make a beautiful interactive site that had a huge wow
factor but had a simple interface for users of all ages.
With full screen slide in backgrounds, a slick flash based contact page and a full screen
gallery, one of which was the actual opening screen of the website, made this one of my
masterpiece Flash creations ( the only more artfully coded site have done in Flash is
MasterMind Media, as that site was basically a portfolio of my design skills) .

As a bonus, I also added a gallery where you can see all the pieces in the gallery
simultaneously, rather than using the gallery viewer, and I did that in HTML, so that it is
possible to show clients from an iPad or non flash enabled device.

This was one of the last Flash based sites I did and im glad it went off with such a bang. It
was also a fantastic job for the photoshop work, as i color corrected and touched up all the
art pieces an made them fit the design format.

Im sure they will be happy with this for some time, but i look forward to making their site in
the future with a whole new technology that we probably havent even experienced yet.