WEB: Dakini Records


Dakini Records, a long time favorite label of mine, gave me a unique challenge. To capture the mood of the music I had loved for so long and represent it visually. To pay homage to the previous site I kept terminologies and general structure similar, but really let go on the presentation of the site.Using CSS to style the whole site, and trying to keep the backend quite simple. The previous design was scripted in such a complicated way, in a way i have never seen before or since, but seeing that it was made in the mid 90s, it was nto surprising. So keeping the data that needed to be there and basically reworking the whole system, creating something new and much more powerful.

Still one of my favorite sites, it displays an elegance of a style of art and music that is dear to me.

Recently revamped with an XML driven Flash and Paypal webcart was the icing on the cake, plus the music player on the front page it eased onto the new age with grace.
The shopping cart system, running on PayPal as Most sales are international. It has a lovely interface, almost like a jukebox where you can select categories, as well as scroll across to see albums in reverse chronological order.

Once again, this site was pre iPad, so flash was into an issue, so there is a flash music player on the front page which showcases the most recent release (you can also get samples in the releases section) and a subtle animated logo above it which fades in and out. The front page will stay open while you are on the site so you can continue to enjoy the music.

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