WEB: Devadasi Studio

This project was very near and dear to me due to the fact that most of the events I dj’d in Tokyo was with Devadasi dancers. It is a collection of such good friends, who dance with such finesse and appreciate the spiritual side of dance.

i wanted to make their site reflect everything ive learned from them in my time there with a flair and taste of my own representation of their style.

Devadasi studio is the creation of dancer Mishaal, and the home of the Oriental dance troupe Samanyolu, who’s websites are also designed by Ahimsa-Creative, and in similar style needed to show off the creativity style and expression of the people it represents.

Being a predominantly bellydance studio, I used a very ethic middle eastern/ Arabian look with rich tone and texture, once again designed predominantly in Photoshop and made without the use of a CMS to preserve the customized look and feel of a piece of artwork.

Click to see Devadasi site

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