PROJ : Jabanner

Jabanner is a company me and a friend made to showcase and sell large printed banners
in Japan. Using our experience from doing the decor at large festivals, we embarked upon
a Journey to make an interesting yet simple site that was easy to use and had a slick

Apart from the web design, I had to design many other things, including of course the logo.
i wanted to represent japan and banner extremely obviously. Jabanner was an obvious
choice for the name as it explained the product in a funny and interesting way. I chose the
japanese flag to further solidify the concept, and to make sure people had understood it
was a form of abbreviation of “Japan Banner”.

Also i had a great time with the business cards, using the logo and main product to make an arty array of imagery that showed off our slick but innovative and a bit wacky style
without explanation.

Then there was the banner sample books. they also had interesting imagery that really set
us apart from other banner companies.

It was hard work getting all these things together but having so much design freedom, and
an art loving and good mannered business partner certainly helped. Working with Carlos
Gibbs, founder of Skinni Pants whom i had done a fair bit of design side by side with . You
can see that work in the Skinni Pants section of the portfolio.

For the site, one main aspect that I was focussing on was the feeling of being in the same
place, a “one level” kind of site, where you don’t feel like you are traveling, rather the data
is being revealed. I managed to do this by changing only parts of the screen at a time. I
was also vary about making it laptop friendly but not look like it was floating too much on a
big screen. The third rule was that i wasn’t going to use flash, so it would be iPad friendly.
They were not that common at that time, but they were staring to come into fashion, and I
knew thekids of customers that came to us, would most likely use them too.

So there were many rules i had to adhere to when making this site. Most of it was tiny
tweaks to make sure the design did not flicker when changing sections, preloading images
in certain ways to keep the design slick.

As it also had to be bilingual in such a small space, the english turns to japanese when
you put your mouse over it.

Jabanner provided all the banners for the outdoor event in tokyo called Rainbow Dicso Club. You can see the works in the RDC portfolio

Click to see RDC portfolio

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