This company was the offshoot of the successful interior architecture and project management company MasterMind KK, whose website I also made. It was designed to match and complement the existing site, using the same layout and menu system, but adding special features and interactivity to show off the direction of the media department.

Built using full screen flash it utilized all possible screen space, adjusting to any screen as screen sizes were continually increasing during this time. Also this was in the boom of interactivity as flash was in full force. The portfolio section was a fully interactive, and required a fair bit of exploration to see all of the works. The interactivity itself was the main focus, providing a dual layered experience to drive home the skill level and proficiency of our team.

Using vector based animation, i was able to make an intro sequence that not only introduced the company but impresses clients even before getting to the portfolio section. The main focus was to lure existing customers to use our other servies, so keeping the two sites mirrored in design allowed very little user readjustment, but ultimately gave them a completely upgraded experience.

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In contrast, the main MasterMindKK website was focussed on not overwhelming a most likely older generation of CEOs, managers and marketing people in larger companies, I toned down the complexity and tried to serve something still spectacularly interactive and media rich, but in a format that seemed very serene and simple to use.

Both Designed fully in flash and XML. interface designed in illustrator, with a lot of photography work and Photoshop.

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