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MastermindKK and I have a lot of history. the first design job i eve had in Tokyo was to redesign their website. It was when Flash was in its heyday and I was at the forefront of that movement.

Later on i actually joined MasterMind as part of the design team, and took things even further. It was where I turned from a simple designer into the Multi tasking designer and manager i am today.

As a freelancer, I had to deal with so many aspects of all the jobs i did, but in the Creative Director role at Mastermind, my responsibilities grew to new heights, and rounded off all my talents to form me into someone who can handle all areas of the design process, from client meeting, budgeting, concept art, design, implementation and after sales care.

I also did some of my best design here, teamed up with Interior architect/designer and Project Manager Jordan Perryman, whom i did most of my CG work with, was introduced to a new level of thinking, using structural elements in design and presentation with style that goes above expectations of any client.

Design wise, we really pushed the boundaries, and had to undertake such a wide variety of tasks that many new skills were learned. We did all the design and photography of each job and the MasterMind site was a slick representation of everything we did.

The site itself was a full flash design , very simple and clean and focussed on the images and work done. Each photo was designed by us ( and photoshopped by me ) and made up the main imagery on the site. Hidden beneath the surface was complex animation and coding in Flash with hidden fun things, like an animated map for clients looking for our office. Actually i used that as a hook to get people onto the site by talking about the semi hidden map, which made them want to come to the site even more to
see for themselves.

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