WEB: Nirvana New York

This website was a redesign of the high class Indian restaurant in Roppongi MidTown. Their previous website did not allow the easy adding of new content which is a necessity these days, and due to their innovative and creative events, art shows and new menus, the ability to constantly add event information was an essential upgrade.

Built on the WordPress CMS, and for a fairly limited budget, I tried to create some elegant simplicity in the design which allowed multilingual use in a bilingual design, using simple English for navigation and using templates to distinguish static and feed content.

Basically to completely overhaul the image of the restaurant, with a link for online booking, and an elegant, crisp feeling, with the focus on areas like the large image slider that can easily be updated to give the website appeal for people to visit it, not only when looking for a map, but to see the many events and new dishes available at the restaurant. As I always say, a website should be constantly changing to stay relevant.In designing this site, one of the main jobs was to teach the manager/owner simple ways to interact with the site to make dramatic impact on the customers.

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