WEB : Sompo Japan

This site had many aspects to it , and was a real eye opener to the ways of marketing
psychology. This was designed for a Japanese market,so it was aimed at their dreams and
aspirations, but could easily be tailored for an international market.

This was a two part job. One was to redesign their flash based insurance cost calculator
to make it look more modern and match the new web designs. Although simple looking, it
had to be updateable and also be able to show the right price calculation depending on
your destination, so you had to click on a country say how many people and it would tell
you the right price.

( These sites are simulations of the real sites running fro m my web server, so links will not work. )

See Family Theme

See Asia Theme

See Hawaii Theme

The interesting design aspect of this particular about this job was that they wanted the
same site designed multiple times, but with the same content fitting in each design, basically
designing a template. This was very interesting and really changed the way i built the sites.
Each template was aimed at a completely different market. There was honeymoon,
Asia, Hawaii, .. and two more themed like that. They were completely focussed on
getting the business of that customer, while all accessing the same data in certain areas.
Each also had a flash based section that also suited that design with an interactive image
player at the top.

A large project that had many facets incorporated coming together to make an interesting
user experience, and certainly an interesting design experience for me.