Designed for the impromptu roaming Restaurant “Who the F@#k is Tina?” started by
myself and a friend where we would hire a space for the night, make a menu specific for
the night , book it out online, then design the space, furniture everything to make a fun
night out.

This is a great example of how to make a design work well in a very short amount of time
in a simple way so people can find a map or information.

Of course the logo i based on the famous family restaurant TGI FRIDAYS as I a) wanted to
convey the fun aspect of it all b) that it was an actual restaurant c) get the name across
without offending anyone. The actual name was said as just “Tina” and the letters above
were just for those in the know … or anyone who asked later.

As the food was pre decided, and we would experiment for a while decide what to make
( yes we cooked all the food too) a photo of what the final meal would look like was put on
the site too. An easy to understand, and encouraging way to get people excited about the

This site is a good example of a web design package i would call a “simple website” in my
design packages area. Where for a minimal fee, you can get a website up and running
quickly and inexpensively, with the option of adding to it in the future, or with modular
upgrades, like photo galleries etc.

Click to see W.T.F.I. Tina? site