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My Design World

Ahimsa-Creative is what I call my self when i’m in creation and design mode.

What i’m designing changes on a job by job basis. Anything goes and nothing is too massive or complex. I thrive on  complexity.

On larger projects I sometimes collaborate with the best and brightest.


We Do Everything to Inspire the People Our Brands Care About Most.

What can we do for you? Excellent question. We don’t know. Sure, we know what we’ve done. But we’re more interested in the things we haven’t done or made, and no one else has either. Because those are the things that make waves, grab attention, and capture mindshare. And that’s our best capability. Here’s what we like making:

  • Digital Consulting
  • Content Planning
  • Social & Media
  • Analytics
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Innovation
  • Platforms
  • Applications
  • Product
  • Web & Mobile
  • Experiential
  • Environmental
  • Concepting
  • Architecture
  • Storytelling
  • Art Direction
  • User Experience
  • Installations
  • Cinematography
  • Social Content
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Prototypes
  • Sound Design