Its been a while Adelaide. Are you ready to get down into the deep sounds of Descent?


Back from Tokyo and with a new palette of sounds, deep and insightful that stir up the emotions inside you. Technical grooves and minimal well structured beats that care the cornerstone of any modern sound.

The origins of techno and deep house are served up on a platter with Adelaide’s finest on rotation hosted by veteran DJ Ahimsa and his custom made DJ setup.

This night will provide  people a chance to unwind and relax, as well as hit the floor for some deep grooves.  Expand their audio palette and find that new love.



Burning Desire

Named after the paradoxical eppression which allows the nurturing of
passion, and also reminds us of our power to destroy these obsessions,
comes Burning Desire, a metaphore of my obsession with music
and the quest for enjoyment and beauty in all forms.

Burning Desire is predominantly a deep house party, which branches out
into tech-house and deep techno.

A chance for talented djs and live producers to play tracks with a more underground feel,
without the rules of general club dance floors. As always attended by creative people,with
desire for the next sound of electronic music. BD has links with Sri Durga in the sense that bellydance and other artforms are woven into it.

Burning Desire – to destroy your desire with fire
Burning Desire – a desire so strong it consumes you





✡ ☥ ☽ ☼ ☨ ❋ ❂ ❖ ☿ Ha ☪ ☯

Along with Tel Quel in Tokyo, we created this event to showcase our niche music events, focussing on tribal based music, live performace and creative expression. Each event have a live music element, form tabla to didgeridoo to flute, which started raw and was infused with ambient electronic, and slowly building up the intensity over the night until the last act, which was a special guest live electronica act. Teamed up with some fantastic bellydancers, the results were superb and it became a regular destination for those in love with this style of music fusion.

The event promotion.(taken from the  official website www.mekka-sounds.com)
۞ Creating an experience That Could be Described as a Music-Bazaar in the Heart of downtown Tokyo, Mekka is Helping to establish underground Electronica in Tokyo by Bringing you an exotic Night of Live Music , improvised performances, belly dancing, and DJ sets. that will take you on a journey between cutting edge experimental electronica and organic music. With an Emphasis on (though by all means not limited to) Ambient, Experimental electronica, Tribal Dub and Ethnic- Fusion, Mekka can help open your eyes to a whole new world of music.




Sri Durga

Starting in 2007 in Tokyo, one year after my arrival, I decided to begin my own events showcasing my own style of indian and middle eastern fusion.

The concept of Sri Durga is to showcase indian and middle eastern fusion electronica.
Whether it be cutting edge or traditional, the vibe at Sri-Durga is experimental.
Oriental and Tribal Fusion bellydance with djs, live musicians and performers,
make a sensual feast or sights, sounds, visuals and experience.

Named after the Goddess Durga, the power of the goddess with the peacfullness of the divine mother. Without losing the ethnic tranquility, Sri Durga allows itself to be influenced by modern music styles, and by keeping the format free has led to the involvement of many talented people.

The future of Sri Durga is to stay within the realm of chill out and tribal dub/fusion beats/ bellydance…. although Sri Durga and Burning Desire are closely related and often borrow flavors from each other.