Next Special W.T.F.I. TINA? dinner party


26th February 2011

5 – 7:30pm (sitting one) —> FULLY BOOKED
8pm – 10:30pm (sitting two) —> FULLY BOOKED


Koenji Station. 5minutes walk from the station.

Set Menu – All Vegetarian

Entree : of Papadams, dips and sauces, with Batada Vada (potato balls)
Mains : 2 types of curry (potato, tomato and onion with paneer), chapati, rice, raita
Dessert : Mango pulp

This is the basic menu – may be slight variation due to our whims and desires, the weather or some other factor

as it is a special menu, one course per person is allowed. we will have additional rice available if necessary

special Indian cocktails available

¥2500 per person

a bit of indian flair and possibly a background bollywood movie will be shown.
no Indians were harmed in the making of these curries

Contact for reservations



日程 :2月26日

5時から7時30分 -第一Sitting
8時から10時30分半 -第二Sitting

スターター : パパダム、いろんなインド風なDip、バテタ バダ(じゃがいもに作られたクロケット)
メイン : カレー2種類、手つくりナン、ライスピラフ, ライタ
デザート : マンゴのプディング



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