Ahimsa Creative Design

Gear VR Gaze Interface + 360 Video

GearVR-Gaze-InterfaceA non intrusive interface made using the Ahimsa Creative logo to allow the user to easily move between 6 scenes, without having to return to the home screen (with that option also available to reset the experience for the next user).

The interface fades out when you look up to avoid distraction. This requires no external peripherals. Once inside one of the scenes, the same style interface is used to do other tasks, like the glide menu on the boat. Using he same iconography so that the user understand exactly what to do, after using the menu to start the experience, it becomes intuitive within seconds.

The 360 video is another experience which i thought id show quickly together here. Its a very simple way to show up to 6 different videos but I generally use 2 or 3 and repeat them. All work 3d, texturing, and video work was done in house.