This environment was built to help with upper body mobility, in particular a boy we were introduced to that was 10 years old, and had just experienced a stroke.

We wanted to create an experience that was extremely immersive and realistic but taking into account the fact that the individual had limited arm movement and could not perform a realistic throw. We fixed this by gamifying the throw technique to become a targeted fine motor skill movement exercise that stimulates the player in the same way as the concentration of shooting a real basket.

Particular detail was put into the lighting and texturing, but in a way that doesn’t tire the eyes with extended play.


  • Parting the Veil - Demystifying death
  • Quest - Alpha Brain Wave Trainer
  • Mobile VR Gaze Interface + 360 Video
  • Leap Motion Rehabilitation Interface
  • Rift - Museum Simulator
  • Cognitive Recall Interface
  • Mobile VR - Dockyard Training 360 Video
  • HTC Vive - Adelaide City Library
  • HTC Vive / Gear VR - Dementia Garden Visualisation
  • Oculus - Basketball for limited movement individuals