Parting The Veil is a Virtual Reality experience like no other. A guided meditation into the death process, and how you can react to the knowledge of life, death and the universe. 


I was approcahed to tackle the complex area of death and dying and increase public understanding and reduce anxiety of those wiht a terminal illness and those working with the knoledge that they soon will die. Parting the Veil was created as an immersive experince which , although does not overly trivialise the process, but use virtual reality to tell a story not fit for other mediums. 


Guided by Joy Nugent, who has worked in the field for 40 years,you will expand your understanding of your place in the universe, the natural cycles of life and death and an increased sense of peace. 

To find out more an book an experience, see the Hunab Ku website link here

  • Parting the Veil - Demystifying death
  • Quest - Alpha Brain Wave Trainer
  • Mobile VR Gaze Interface + 360 Video
  • Leap Motion Rehabilitation Interface
  • Rift - Museum Simulator
  • Cognitive Recall Interface
  • Mobile VR - Dockyard Training 360 Video
  • HTC Vive - Adelaide City Library
  • HTC Vive / Gear VR - Dementia Garden Visualisation
  • Oculus - Basketball for limited movement individuals